Go where opportunity awaits

Cross chain swaps

Trade seamlessly across chains, with the aggregated liquidity you already know and love.

Move seamlessly
across chains

Swap tokens between chains in one trade to
keep pace with fast-moving markets.

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The best path
to new networks

Matcha does the hard work to find efficient and secure paths for your cross-chain trades.

Tokens and opportunities,
wherever they are

  • Trade any token for gas on a new network.
  • Swap directly for any token across +7 chains.
  • Tap into Matcha’s aggregated liquidity across chains

Better than CEXs
for L2 trading

Trustless and non-custodial trades across chains. You stay in control of your funds.

  • Aggregated liquidity
  • Trustless
  • Non-custodial
Centralized exchanges
  • Fragmented liquidity
  • Requires deposits
  • Custodial apps

Cross chain swaps need
cross chain liquidity

  • Aggregated liquidity across 100+ sources
  • Swap across +7 chains
  • From topping up gas to moving large positions
  • Fast and simple cross chain swaps for all trade sizes
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Across 7 chains

Matcha is available on all your favorite chains.

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  • Polygon icon
  • BNB Chain icon
  • Base icon
  • Ethereum icon
  • Optimism icon
  • Arbitrum icon

For traders whowant the most out of DeFi

  • NFT and token hunters

  • APY farmers

  • Portfolio managers

  • L2 early movers

  • New-app adopters

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