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Zero fee trades on 5+ million tokens across 9 chains. Get the best prices by tapping into 130+ liquidity sources.

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  • Scouts everywhere for best price
  • Protects you against sandwich attacks
  • Slippage and price impact warnings

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usdc253.63 USDC$253.44
eth0.06 ETH$253.44
Liquidity provider0x liquidity source0x RFQ
Rate1 ETH = 1562.76 USDC ($1562.77)
Ethereum fees$23

MEV protection

  • RFQ private settlement
  • No public mempool - no MEV bots!
  • Enhanced protection with Matcha Auto

Smart Routing

  • Matcha sources the market for the best prices
  • Statistical models by 0x optimize trade routes
  • Split trades across multiple sources

Deep liquidity.
AMM and RFQ combined.

Matcha combines liquidity from 130+ exchanges, intelligently splitting trades across AMM and RFQ for the best prices.

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Across 9 chains

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New trade mode:Matcha Auto

Great prices, with more speed and less worry.

  • Faster trade confirmation
  • Reduce failed trades by 85%
  • Matcha handles the gas